David Stevens

David Stevens

Photography, Sculpture


David Stevens Wood sculpture

Artist Statement

I have been an artist since graduating from the University of Michigan in 1970. Currently I am doing wood sculpture after years of working in stained glass and photography. I first did wood sculpture from the early 80’s till mid 90’s before becoming a photographer full time.I have returned to wood the past 2 years. My past wood sculptures included 3 dimensional figures as well as wall hung abstract designs.My wood sculptures now are all wall hung designs which use cherry and walnut as the base for the work. I also use many different veneers to give the shapes of the design distinguishing color and grain patterns. Each piece can be many layers thick with veneers to make each layer stand out and give variety to the design.

Artist Biography

I moved to Los Angeles in 1971 where I began working with stained glass making windows and Tiffany lampshades with a studio where I had taken classes. After a year and a half I started my own studio. I moved to Easton in 1980 and continued to do stained glass. I began working in wood also and many of the pieces done at this time were a combination of wood and stained glass. My last stained glass work was a commission for the city of Baltimore- a 1% for the arts project. Till the mid 90’s I did many wood sculptures both 3 dimensional and standing pieces and more 2 dimensional pieces that are wall hung. In 1999 I turned to photography and made my living doing photography till 2011. In the past 2 years I have been working in wood again while also doing real estate part time.

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