Deborah Colborn

Deborah Colborn


Artwork Displayed

Main Street Gallery
WittAire Artists


Main Street Gallery, Cambridge, MD
St. Michaels Art League


WittAire Artists
9027 Tilghman Island Rd., Wittman, MD 21676

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my work comes primarily from the natural world or as abstracted concepts. I love to paint from nature or to respond to an idea or feeling. I describe my work as a “dance” between the canvas and what I feel and experience; the brush and the palette facilitate the process. I paint primarily with acrylic and oil paints, ocasionally with mixed media such as copper, wood, spray paint and paper.

Artist Biography

I had my first art class one summer during college but didn’t get committed until I moved to the Eastern Shore in 1999. I picked up a paint brush at a craft table during a center opening and thought “Ohhhhh. This is wonderful: I have to paint!” I found the first art class I could and have been painting and exploring ever since, organizing around my patient care as an occupational therapist. I have studied with Joe Mayer, Sung Hong, the late David Grafton, and various instructors at Yellow Barn Studio, Glen Echo. MD and the Art Academy in Easton. I am involved with various art groups in the area and have won a few awards. Most meaningful to me is facilitating the creative process with at-risk youth at my studio in Wittman under the auspices of Talbot Mentors.

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