Denice Lombard

Denice Lombard

Mixed Media, Mosaic



Artist Statement

I love treasure hunting and beach combing and using the treasures I find in my work.I especially like it when there is a 3D element or a whimsical element. I also enjoy making mosaics with stained glass. To me it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I hope to move into creating art with a message and offering it to organizations for fundraisers.I attempt to let my creative muse work through me rather than thinking my way through the process.

Artist Biography

I was born in 1954, the oldest of six children. My identical twin died when I was 7 of kidney failure. My father gave me a kidney when I was 13 and on October 4, 2018 our kidneys will turn 90! We are both in great health. I grew up in Ventura, CA and lived in the SF Bay Area until 2003 when my partner of 37 years (now) got a national job as a Labor Leader in Washington, DC. Together we have have been involved in the movement against war and for social, racial and economic justice our whole adult lives. I have dabbled in creative endeavors but only in the last few years put more energy into creating art. I try to infuse gratitude and love in my daily life and strive to find common ground with people. I live with my partner, dog and two cats on Tilghman Island. We enjoy kayaking and hiking and traveling.

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