Joanne Ehlers

Artist Statement

Since I started painting, I look at all my surroundings in a different way. I open my eyes to all colors, shapes, etc.Fun to look at life in an amazing way.

Artist Biography

I picked a brush up for the first time in 1993. I needed to take a break from a business I just sold, and calm myself for my next endeavor. I found it to be the best therapy. After 10 months needed to go back to work, so it wasn’t until I joined the St. Michaels Art League that I picked the brush back up. Being retired now I had the opportunity to enjoy painting once again. I have had no formal training, but my husband, a former graphic designer, who still dabbles a little in the field, has become a good teacher for me. I like to think I inherited some talent from two uncles that were fantastic artist.

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