Mary Ford

Mary Ford

Drawing, Painting


Mary Ford

Artist Statement

I believe painting, drawing and making art is a highly fullfilling pursuit, and has provided me with joy and satisfaction my entire life. I have always been involved in creativity, either as a painter, student, or graphic designer. I feel the arts, including painting, theatre, music, and dance, make life rich and meaningful, and touch people and their lives in myriad ways. To be able to create an image on paper or canvas that speaks to my soul and touches others is a profound experience. My deepest artistic experience is when a painting takes on a life of its own, and I am but its hands as it comes into focus before my eyes.

Artist Biography

I have been painting since 1965. I received a BA in Fine Art from Towson State University in 1973. I was a graphic designer and advertising specialist in California until I retired and moved to Easton in 2013. I paint daily, take classes and workshops, and exhibit my work when I can.

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