Pat Lang

Artist Statement

It would be difficult to image a life without painting. Art has always been an important part of my life; a retreat providing mediation and solace. I am particularly drawn to still life, creating a scene that draws in the viewer. Everywhere I look I can see possibilities for new paintings. I carefully choose my subjects and arrange them to suggest a story. After many years of painting, I continue to challenge myself. Learning and growing in my art never stops as the process for each new work shows me not only where I am now, but where I want to go in my art.

Artist Biography

Pat Lang, a native Marylander, works primarily in oils and concentrates on still life paintings. As a self-taught artist, she began painting in her late teens, applying what she could learn through trial and error, visiting galleries to study famous works, and reading art instruction publications. As she experimented on techniques, she developed her own personal style. Pat has exhibited at numerous galleries and shows throughout Maryland, and continues to show her work in local galleries and shows in Eastern and Mid-Shore Maryland. In addition, Pat teaches oil painting classes at Chesapeake College as part of the Institute for Adult Learning program; is Publicity Chairperson for the St. Michaels Art League and the Workings Artists Forum; and co-editor for the Working Artist Forum newsletter as well as updating their website.

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