Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen

Drawing, Media Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, Performing Arts, Photography, Sculpture, Traditional Arts

Artwork Displayed

Life Cube installations are ephemeral art


Life Cube Project


Life Cube Project

Artist Statement

The Life Cube Project is based on the artist’s belief that if you write down your goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations the chance of it happening is much much higher. A second part of the mission of the Life Cube is involve as many people as possible. The Life Cube Project is not a “come see what I created” but rather, “come be a part of the art”. Each installation is unique to the community it is created for, and is both interactive and collaborative. Over 10 years, over 100,000 people have interacted with the project, and the artist has spoken to 40,000 (elementary to university) students about goal setting and the journey of creating Life Cube art installations.

Artist Biography

Artist Scott Cohen (Skeeter on the Playa) first envisioned the Life Cube Project as a creative way to bring people together and encourage them to write down and reach for their dreams, goals, and ambitions. Inspired by his first trip to Burning Man i 2001, he wrote down his dream of returning someday as an artist! The first Life Cube took place in 2011, and it has grown in size, scope, interactivity and creativity since then!Through several installations at Burning Man and multiple civic art installations across the country, well over 100,000 participants have touched, inscribed, painted on, and added their personal visions to the Life Cube. And today, we’re inspiring even more Playa explorers and wanderers in the virtual universes of Burning Man 2020!The project’s mission encourages people to write down what they want to accomplish in life, and connects art and community with interactive, collaborative and free public art initiatives. This is not ‘I built this, come and see it,’ but rather, ‘We created this – come and be a part of the art!’Portfolio of Life Cube Installations 2020 Virtual Life Cube at Burning Man 2020 Multiverse2019 Life Cube Miami Beach at SoundScape Park, Miami Beach, FL2017 Life Cube at Chalk the Block Arts Festival, El Paso, TX 2016 Life Cube for the Bronx, NYC, NY 2016 Life Cube for Downtown Las Vegas II and at First Friday, Las Vegas, NV 2016 Life Cube at First Friday, Las Vegas, NV 2016 Life Cube for Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley, Yerington, NV 2015 Life Cube: Burning Man IV, Black Rock City, NV 2015 Life Cube at SculptureFest, Reno, NV 2014 Life Cube for Downtown Las Vegas I, Las Vegas, NV 2013 Life Cube III at Burning Man, “Envision”, Black Rock City, NV 2012 Life Cube II at Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV 2011 Life Cube I at Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV

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