Ulrika Leander

Ulrika Leander

Fiber Arts


Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
410-745 4303

Artist Statement

In my tapestries I am seeking to communicate emotional experiences that are rooted in my own life; these can originate from the forces, shapes and colors of the natural world, from human relationships, or from literature and music. I am constantly exploring the interaction and tensions between unusual and unexpected color groups as a means of generating emotional impact. I grew up in South Eastern Sweden where the rich history and tradition of textile art became part of my consciousness at a very early stage of my life. I am drawn to weaving by its very complexity as an art form and by the fascination of the gradual transition of my water color, over many months of patient and totally absorbing effort into a large-scale tapestry which expresses aesthetically the full intensity of my inspiration.

Artist Biography

Painting is the gateway to tapestry and I explore my ideas, feelings and emotions through the medium of watercolor. I am constantly aware of the technical challenges of transferring my designs into the tapestry medium, the range of colors and tones in the yarn that will be needed and the intensification of colors that occurs when the image is transposed to the much larger surface of the tapestry. I render the subtleties in tone and intensity of the water color by blending several threads of varying thickness and color.In my commissioned work, I find the confluence of ideas and personal interactions both artistically stimulating and very rewarding. My special ability is to perceive these needs and to merge them with my artist’s skill and instinct for space and color and deep knowledge of my technique to fulfill the client’s expectations of an artwork of enduring beauty and worth

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